This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wishes (Ishita)

"One Woman, one Man
with hearts so true
come before you
to say I do...

A love so fair
A dream come true
A couple shares
what they are destined to do

He takes her hand
to have and to hold
Their hearts embrace
and never let go...

A touch so pure
A smile so real
She closes her eyes
so she may feel

The love of one man
The love of her life
They join as one
as Man and Wife... "

- Gretchen Gould –

Congratulations Silvara and Evs :) ...Wishing you happiness and a lifetime of togetherness! :)

And Pavan (an ex-BUFer and dear friend) who’s getting engaged today! Congrats!!!! :)))

Andd… Diya on her Anniversary on 26th! Happy Anniversary!!

That’s a whole lot of loving and happiness for us to celebrate right :)

Stay Beautiful…Stay loved…

The song is a dedication for all of them… *smile*


  1. Congratulations Silvara and Evs, Pavan and Divya...wishing u guys all the happiness and good luck for the future!

    Welcome back Ishi!

  2. Heya Silavara nd Evs.. congrats for you marriage!!! :)

    Pavan, man lucky you... congrats for your engagement

    And Diya.. well carry one Jeeves, is as wodehouse would have said.... so carry on and on and on!!

    And now in a clebratory frame of mind i have two songs to dedicate: "We like to party" by Vengaboyz and "It's teh time to disco" from KHNH

    Enjoy ppl!! :)

  3. Lovely dedication Ish!

    My best wishes to Silvara and Evs! I cant wait to see the pics! She's gonna look DAZZLING :)

    My best wishes to Pavan and Diya too!


  4. Thank you all :)

    heheh I'll have pics up asap :P

  5. Nice dedication,Ishi..

    and,hearty Congrats to Silvara and Evs, Pavan,Diya.:)

  6. oooh whoz pavan gettin engaged to

  7. Congratulations babe!!! Yes yes we want them pics!!

    And Ishita so nice of you to put up such a beautiful post! :)