This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fantastic Five (Michelle)

Since the topic was to write 10 things about a BUFer, I thought I'd write 2 things about 5 BUFers.Writing just two things will be quite difficult so don't shout at me if I exceed more than two lines :P



Shes the ultimate super mom.Vedant is really really lucky to have her as a mom because I think shes a wonderful role model.I really hope to be such an amazing mom someday!I love reading all her posts because they always from the heart! The way she weaves her thoughts into words really makes me wish I could do that!


Man, the minute I say her name, this siren goes off in my head.Lol.Shes pure heat.I'm like head over heels in love with her.Her attitude, her style, her thoughts...she just blends them perfectly.Her blog is not only my favourtie spot, but also my friends' (non-bloggers) favourite page and they make it a point to visit it.

Loon Gal

This girl is the whole package.Shes mature, shes got beautiful skin and hair, shes adorable and hot at the same time, superb dressing sense (veryyy jealous of the stuff she has :P) and watch out for her wit people! Will leave you dumbfounded ;-).Shes what a true friend is all about!


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Firstly welcome back laddoo! Its been so long I've known him, I can literally say hes seen me grow as a person.I've fought with him, shared secrets with him, had hilarious conversations with him and he never ceases to crack me up! He can be your worst nightmare if you ever take 'panga' with him, but if you really get to know him, hes one sensitive sweetheart!


Our conversations on facebook are never ending and I can't help but smile everytime I get a message from him.I've seen my share of smooth talkers but he tops the list and can definitely win you over with words ;-).His smile is one that you can't help but go 'aww' to and his voice definitely perks you up!


  1. Superb post Michi! Not cos u included me in the FF but cos u did a neat job for the topic :) Just LOVELY and very clever

    Ishi - ur spot on abt her. Like u said, I think Vedant is one of the luckiest kids on Earth to hv Ishi as his mum. And Ishi has this special way of staying CONNECTED somehow, even when she's gone. I mean she's always present in my heart. She has that aura abt her. She's very SPECIAL.

    Keshi - the biggest DRAMA QUEEN there ever was! But gee tnxx I felt so HAPPY that u appreciate me like that Michi. Besides a hottie like u IN LOVE WITH ME? haha so cute! And abt non-blogger friends of ur's reading my blog? gee wow really? Im all shy now. Gotta ease up on my horny posts!

    Cheesy - awww she's the BEST! Cos she never gives up on her friends. She's a true hottie both in and out and like u said, she's got lovely clothes and shoes...omg Im so J! This girl is a very special person. Not the kind who gives u false promises...she's the kind who'll stick with u thru thick n thin. Im so proud to hv her as my friend! Becos of her Im bak in BUF so soon..cos she really drilled my brain n poured some sense in to it :):)

    Vipul I love this guy! I used to know him for a very long time, even b4 BUF. He's very kind, sincere and so down-to-Earth. Most of all he's got a heart of GOLD. Whenever I think of Vipul I think of a loving, caring, sweet brother I never had. Vipul and I have silly arguments too but thats what real friends r like. He proved to me that he too never gives up on his friends. Im so glad he's well and back now.

    Aakash the smooth talker is a HOT item. :) He has always maintained his friendship with me with the same sincerity and affection. His friendship never changes. I like that abt him. He's really cool!

    We hv to make it a Fantastic Six...cos the BEST one is yet to be announced and that's MICHI!

    This girl is so very beautiful...she could easily compete in a Beauty contest and win the title. Im sure of that. Cos she's got the most AMAZING eyes, lips and hair. And not only cos she's beautiful on the outside, but cos she's Miss.Universe of all hearts. She's got such a beautiful heart...never gets angry (unlike Keshi), never hurts others, has a relaxing approach, fun-loving, gorgeous attitude to everything in life, very smart and music-savvy, and such a cool girl in many many ways! THATS WHAT MAKES HER VERY SPECIAL.

    HUGGGGGGGGGZ n ty Michi! This was a lovely dedication to ur friends. It shows wut kind of person u r...someone who sees the good in others, no matter what. Stay gold!


  2. Hi,Mich..great post..and,great coverage of the top 5.:)I always maintain my stand of 'all bloggers are basically nice people'.Earlier,I had Dubai bloggers on this 'all'list,now,it includes the BUF group.:)

  3. awww Rasgulla that is so sweeeeet:)
    I have known olly ,u and ishisince a long time and yes definitely i can say you have been great no greatest ppl in my life around
    I miss our conversations so much:) and oooh yes i remember our secret talks hehe and i remember our short talk wen u called up and u ended the call abruptly wen ur frnd was disturbin hehe

    Awww keshi so sweet of u well i do promise i will never let u ppl down! Ever!!

    thanks all to be around me:)

  4. keshi,

    thank you! u definitely filled in the rest of the descriptions perfectly!!! and haha ye they read yr blog...they love it AS IT IS! lol u speak yr mind n thats what rocks! thanks so much keshi tht really made me feel awesome :)


    i thot i cud write best on these 5 cuz i think i know them well and hope to get to knw the rest better! :)


    hahah yeah that was jokes wen u ya vipz! so glad ur back!

  5. LOL I jusy realised my first comment here itself was a post. Sorry Michi :):)

    Hugggggggz Vipul! Its ok..sometimes time n situations dun allow us to stand by our friends all the time. Its not that u let us down Vipul. Anyways we r so glad to hv u bak well and healthy. THATS ALL THAT MATTERS.

    hv a great wkng guys!


  6. FANTASTIC post .... mich... well written and superbly complimented ;)

    I read it twice now ... and now I understand why you have written the names Alphabetically..... ... You just cant put them as per rank... hhehe

    lovely words mich..


  7. vipul,

    long story ya...its nt safe @ all! lol


    haha i loved reading tht comment keshi! and ur absolutely right about vipul!


    thanks darsh :) yeah i cudn put em according to rank lol so alphabetically hehehe

  8. this is such a sweet dedication!! loved the way u desribed everyone out there!!

  9. hey mich :)...

    haven't been abt blogs as much as i'd liked to have been or else i'd have left my comment here way back!!

    thank u for the mention n the sweet things u have to say about me :) .. i can never get used to hearing good things being said abt me :P

    and ofcourse I have to agree with what u have to share about the others too :) ...

    i guess if i had to list out stuff abt sumone...i'd be doing so abt everyone @ BUF and more :P .. *sigh*... it's been amazing getting to know so many arnd here :)

    this one's gonna have me smiling for a long long time :)

    Thanks Mich!!! :)


    @ kesh - u rock girl! :)

  10. Now see, what a working man's life made him almost miss: a dedication from the hottest blogger ( it Michelle, or is it Keshi? i think the world is big enough to accomodate both of them, and if the earth cant toh Aakash hai na!) I have ever (yes, read as EVER) known.

    Thank you Michelle. And Keshi is very right when she says, that how can you miss yourself. You, my Michelle, ROCK!

  11. Michelle

    how sweet and smart @ 2 lines for 5 ppl! I wish i cud think of somethin like tht lol

    And THANKSSSSSSS so much for what u've written .. muuuuahhh hun .. i dunno what to say .. am on cloud 9 rt now!! That was really really reallllyyy nice of youuuu!! Thanks so much once again and hugsss!


    thanks to you too babeh ... very kind of you to say somethin as sweet as that .. muuuahh! You know u are a brilliant person urself!! i wish i wud have thought of somethin as creative as Michelle .. coz you were a part of the 3 short listed BUFers!