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Monday, November 26, 2007

Aloha! (Michelle)

Hey everyone!

I got my exams starting from tomorrow and they go on till the 8th of December.I also got my Japanese exam on the 2nd, so basically its two important exams in one week :-(.I highly doubt I'll have the time to blog this week cause juggling between revising and coming online and watching tv is a tedious task! I could say that I had been so caught up in studying for the Japanese exam that I didn't really pay any attention to my term exam and I really don't want me doing really well in my Japanese exam to be an excuse for doing badly in my terminals! Plus the whole competitive spree that I'm always on, will never let me not try coming in the first three.I'll try my best to be around cause as I said, BUF is a part of my daily routine.

Wish me luck and take care!

See you all next week!


  1. Hi,'s wishing you all the best -for the exams and the time-juggling..:)

    How about a bit of Japanese teaching for us, after the exams??Besides Sayonara,kungfu,karate,(As words) my vocab of the language is zero.

  2. holla girl!! best of luck for your papers... go rock them!!

  3. ALL THE BEST MICHI! I know u'll do well cos ur a smarty-pants :)

    HUGGGGGGGZ see ya soon!

  4. Best of Luck mich :)

    m sure u'll do gr8 :)

  5. ishita

    chk mail at

    hope it exists?

    Besta luck michy ... will comment on ur 10 things post kater .. thnx a lot fr tht

    ishi srry for nt being around .. sent u a mail abt tht .. pl chk.


  6. This lovely lass, has taught me a lot of phrases in Jap.

    So desu ne..., domo arigato gozaimasu Michelle-san.

    All the Best! (gambatte kudasai, is it?)

  7. Hey Mich!!!!!

    Wish you a very good goooood luck....

    I am sure you will Japanesely do good ;) lol


  8. Hey Mich :)

    All the Best :)