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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Word of the week: Fresh: AmitL

Hi, all. I was going to begin this post, feeling fresh as a daisy, in the early morning, but thought better of it, firstly, because it’s a holiday today, and my mood is as fresh as can be. So, here I am, in the late evening, penning my, err, fresh thoughts:(Pic clarification: I did not bake that fresh-baked smile(y)).

The word ‘fresh’ conjured up the following memories: (I tried to link up each one. Was I successful?You tell me, please!)

- We go , pick up a load of bread at a bakery, and ask ‘Is it fresh?’

Now, why do we ask this? Do we expect him to say ‘No, it’s not- it’s stale, but take it all the same.’
Now, why don’t we think of some fresh questions to ask instead of the above one?
Questions brings to mind:

-Those smart alec questions from a guy who thinks they’re farm fresh, but, which bring a fresh slap to his face.

- Face reminds me of nose, and nose reminds me of smell, nee, aroma- I remember another form of ‘fresh’- the aroma of freshly baked biscuits, near the bridge in Vile Parle(I forget- is it the Parle factory?), which makes me want to ask the rickshaw guy to take me straight inside the factory to imbibe the aroma.(I wonder why no perfume makers think of marketing this as a fresh scent?). Rickshaw reminds me of travel, and, travel reminds me of showers.

- So, there’s the re-fresh-ing shower I take, after returning from work, which helps to wipe out the day’s work related stress and relax the mind…the cool water droplets trickling down the face, the back,(Nee, no further descriptions.LOL) are enough to make me emerge from the shower, feeling in tiptop shape to go out for my evening walk, now extended to 45 mins minimum, since the weather’s improved.(touchwood). Travelling (From work) reminds me of holidays, and holidays reminds me:

-Fresh is how I feel when I return to work from a short/long holiday to India and especially to Baroda. I occasionally used to use the ‘fresh ones’ tissues, on sultry days. (Are they still available?). Baroda reminds me of MS University, University reminds me of :
-Ragging of fresh’ men in colleges- deplorable, but, also reminiscent of the most humorous of scenes was from ‘Munnabhai’, where Sanjay Dutt ends up giving the ‘fresh’ers a delightful time by making the seniors do the ‘chaddi dance’ after demonstrating his muscle-power. Munnabhai reminds me of the movie when it was shown on our TV channels, and TV channels remind me of:

-Fresh news, in the form of ‘breaking news’(I never understand- why is it ‘breaking’, instead of ‘red hot news’ or something? ) – news which ranges from a lady committing suicide in some obscure town of India to electricity getting switched off in some area of another town, to some old man murdering his uncle’s son’s daughter’s brother-in-law or something, to donkeys falling into a well. I guess they have to give some sensations in that ‘news bar’, so, they do, huh? News reminds me of crime, and crime reminds me of identification of criminals by :

-Their fresh footprints in the snow which help identify a murderer in crime serials, and, there’s fresh blood on the body of the murdered in Perry Mason novels.(My favourites).
Perry Mason novels remind me of how much I enjoy reading, particularly with :

-A glass of fresh fruit juice or fresh lime juice to refresh me while I’m reading, rather than having a cola which is acidic enough to clean the bathroom tiles. That reminds me, when I don’t have a glass of juice handy, I use:
-‘freshman’s chewing gum’ sometimes to help me concentrate. Gum reminds me of googlegum(Now, I just made that one up), so, I went to google, and found:
-Some examples of ‘fresh’ on the net: ( Google threw up 231,000 results, btw) is a modern beauty care company

2.Fresh 102.7 FM, a radio station in NY.
3.Fresh FM: 92.7: Dedicated dance station based at Adelaide, Australia
4.FRESH: Foundation for Real Estate Students from Holland.
5.Fresh baked fractions: A game on :

Brains reminds me of BUF, and, BUF reminds me of:
The best example of ‘fresh’- the fresh posts from BUFers, which make my day so regularly by their innovativeness, and the fact that each person has a unique, err, ‘fresh’ style of writing? (Thank you, all!). Of course, let me add, many posts on the individual blogs that I read are equally ‘fresh’ and often leave me feeling great to be alive(fresh? Hehe).That reminds me to wish you all:
Cheers. Have a nice, fresh weekend and a nice, fresh new week on Monday, when you read this post.


  1. we both must be insane .. i googled Fresh as well .. and was actually thinkin of writing abt the beauty care company LOL

  2. have just glanced thru the post not read it yet ... i will once m bck ... a friend's waitin for me rt now!


  3. Amit u put it very nicely...beautiful!

    I like the Fresh feeling I get when Im in the shower...I simply adore that freshness!

    Also, what u said at the end...abt Fresh posts from BUFers...simply brilliant point Amit!


  4. amit...

    the biscuit factory aroma.. my my! i rem it soo well and the best part is my aunt used to work with Britannia.. and i used to go there as a kid to the bakery and eat the hot hot baked biscuits :D .. me n my bro/cus used to go so often to have that freshly baked biscuits .. its a different fun altogether :D

    got nostalgic :)

    "tingtingtidin :D"


    nicely written :D

  5. amit paaji .. .. toda ke kehna... firse... ek aur mazedaaar post... tusi dil nu chu leto ho yaa.... :)

    nice post sirji... :)

  6. I enjoyed reading through this post....and the flow of thoughts. One leading to another... nice!

    And ofcourse the icing on the cake was the last but not the least reference to BUF and how u equate 'fresh' with it :)

  7. Hi,Loon Gal..LOL..insane indeed..anything goes,where putting up a cheery post is concerned,right?:)Waiting for further comments.

  8. Keshi,tks so much...yes,the post-shower freshness is great.I often wish I had a personalized shower at work-you know-you feel tired,you go,take a quick shower,come out refreshed.LOL..and,the end point,about fresh posts from BUFers-well,I totally mean it,and,see,I'm right-see the lively posts on this topic from everyone.:)

  9. Hi,Southy...that's a good 'top'comment.:)

  10. Hi,Uttara-you're sooo lucky,to have been able to visit the Britannia factory-as you say,it's a different kind of fun altogether.LOL at the tingtigntidin(I know exactly what you mean by that lively tune..hehe..some ads are so catchy).Tks.

  11. Hi,Darsh...a bit less with the 'makhkhan'(buttering) please..LOL..tks for the comment,nevertheless.

  12. Hi,Ishi..tks for the comment..and,nice way to put it'the icing on the cake'.*smile*..I do equate 'fresh'with BUF,as I said.:)

  13. bus na amit sirji...

    itni affection se likhi comment ko buttering ka designation de diya...
    hurt ho gaye hum toh...