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Monday, October 22, 2007

Word of the Week & Birthdays (Ishita)


I meant to do this earlier but I’ve been extremely busy the past few days and haven’t had the chance to venture anywhere close to this laptop or any pc anywhere!! The Durga Puja festivities have kept me busy and having a rather exciting time…(will share pics on Picasa via email)

In all the excitement, I missed out on wishing Sam on his birthday! :( … I’m sorry Sam – I hope you’ll understand. Wishing you a “belated”
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the best ever year ahead!! It was his birthday yesterday…21st October.

We have yet another birthday coming up this week. Yes it’s our very own Diya’s b’day on the 24th!

Time also to announce the new
Word of the Week“COLOR” (received the max. votes in the poll counter!)

I’ll update the poll counter later today. Please keep sending in suggestions and ideas.

Have fun everyone … :)


  1. Happy Birthday Sam and Diya in advance HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    COLOR...nice one. But I voted for HELLO :( lol!


  2. Hey... thanks Keshi and Ishita!!
    and yeah Ishi i can understand about being busy!! well i've got some breather now... and now intend to make up for loadsa lost time at blogsville...
    oh btw the b'day was a blast!!

  3. hey thanks a lot keshi n ishi :)

  4. Happy birthday to Sam(belated) and to Diya(in advance)..:)

    Color- the new word..*begins making notes*.

    Happy festival season,Ishi, and all other BUFers.

  5. AAP DONO KO... Janma din ki haardik shubhkaamnaein...

    ooops ... WISH YOU BOTH... Happy Birthday ;)

    Hv dun people :)

  6. Many many happy returns oif the day both of you!!!

    hope this birthday brings u all the success and happiness in life!!


    i better post this comment before my internet acts up yet again!