This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sparkle (Aakash)

Before you leave me
alone tonight.
Before tears drown
your little lies.
Tell me is it my
heart that burns
behind the sparkle
of your eyes?


  1. Hi,Aakash..I can't help smiling...a heart burning behind someone's sparkling eyes,is too much to imagine.:)

  2. **before tears drown your little lies..** nice!!!!!!!!!!!....

  3. hmmm... words :)

    somehow its the emotion behind thats so touching.

    i loved this piece.

    = rich

  4. Beautifull...
    I hv always believed that u r one of the fellow out here who shud write more and regularly coz u r always very close to reality...