This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colors (Aakash)

I love the blue of the clear winter sky,
and the dark navy on a half-moon night.
But of all the colors, one that I most miss
is your maroon lipstick smeared on my lips.


  1. Ah!!! now 4 lines to bring back sweet memories for many a guys out there... loved the the way maroon wis described... some ladies really look smoking hot in that color, wot say??

  2. hmmm, thats reminds of some old stuff you used to write, came back here after a huge gap, been away and occupied with all the obvious non-sense of life!

    a fine read!

  3. @Sam: Maroon is not the color in which the lady is dressed, it is her lips that we are talking about. Maybe i wasnt clear.

    @Pavan: What old stuff? Glad you like it, and ohh welcome back!

  4. Hi,Aakash...the dark navy on a half-moon night-now,that's a nice description...*smile* at the maroon lipstick...err,kaun hai woh??Just curious.

  5. check out green pastures on a sunny day after a rainy day.Am sure u'll love it as I did.

  6. oooooooooo lovelyyyy!!! gosh ur so good with words mr smooth talker :P

  7. ooh lala! ;-)

    I agree with Michi..u big smooth talker! :)


  8. @AmitL: The interesting thing is that, there is no 'she'.

    @Joy: Yes, I do. Green is always a soothe. Isnt it?

    @Michelle: Come on! Dont call me a smooth talker. Smooth talker have muses to write about, right? Like Paul Simon said, 'I am just a poor boy, and my story's seldom told'.

    @Keshi: Ditto as michelle! I wonder why arent there any ladies like you here... *sigh*

  9. hehehe the colours of just being kissed are the best :D

  10. arre aakash, i was talking abt teh same thing re.. wasn't talking abt teh dress at all.... it was the lips... reminds me of teh teriyaki song!! :D

  11. ufffffff... Bekhudi ki tumne hadh kardi aakash ji.. humhe apni mohobat ki yaad dila di ;)

    nice one mate....


  12. hmm...lovely...

    not colors but fragrances bring back similar memories...

  13. why? has she started using Maybelline-leave no marks lipstick now??