This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

a special post (vishesh)

THIS IS THE FIRST TIME i am breaking a rule properly @ BUF!

and well i know we aren't supposed to post immediately after update,but this is toooooooooooooo special a day.

Today is friendship day as all of know.

AND for between us friends ,this the first one.After all that went under the bridge during the past few weeks,we have proved that all of us can stick on whatever happens.

great minds think alike.

And so it is proved again.Even though a few of us had a little to say,our thinking is still in line with others.

Well i know i haven't put it properly ,but IT IS among us friends.!
it is a small world they say
it is a huge world i see.
it is a world of good and bad,
all that we feel is sad,
but when with friends,
it all gets smashed..........

oh,here we are so close
so dear to one and all,
in the is la petite world
here we wake from the dose
and feel away from remorse
among the people who have
life,with a big smile and a hug,
we chat and write like all
among us,it is between us,
the friends.we the
people of great minds,
it is among us the friends.

sa re ga ma pa....

what voices speak,
what we share in common
oh,la in this small space
the we live, life is full of fun.
It is for the sake of joy
it is what we are.
we cook from our cauldrons
everything so modern.
it is among us,it is between
us the friends.

da ne sa.......

in the noon till mid night
singing and dacing
all through day light
oh,yonder we swing
here and there,it
is for all thats between us,
among us the friends.

sa ne da pa ma...

everyone is special
everyone is with views
everything we share is a little clue.
everywhere we go,we shall spread,
we are the minds which think alike
we all have a heart and mind
that we share with everyone alike.

it is never too late,
lets be together for ever
come lets stay and share
for it is with us ,let us inspire
and create a world,let us
be united in mission and come
let the world see us as one.
sa ne da pa sa ne da pa.....
ma ga re sa.......

and here is a song for you all,and i guess this is the first time classical karnatic is seen in this blog:-

and let us be like this flower,plain,simple and beautiful.



  1. silly no one thought of wishing friendship day on this blog ... smartie vishesh and beautiful poem there!

    wishin u a very happy frndship day too!


  2. happy friendship days to vishesh and all the BUF members :))

    N indeed a lovely poem :)

  3. wow wonderful post Vish!

    HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all the BEAUTIFUL friends I've made here in BUF!


  4. Yesterday i was wondering that i must be missing all that must have happened here on Friendship Day, since i had no net access.

    But only Vishesh seems to have taken the day in its spirit. Blame it on his age, because enthusiasm starts going down.

    Thanks Vishesh, for taking efforts. And woohoooo at carnatic music. Have you studied it?

  5. oh all of us (except vishesh) is growing old i guess :p (dont blame me... im 31.. n have celebrated enough friendship days to not be so excited!)

    so happy friendship day to all of you... n since this blog is about BETWEENUS FRIENDS... i wwant to wish all of u a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY...

  6. @messy
    righto! m undoubtedly startin to age out already(gawdd..m only 21)..i dunno bout u guys though!

    i still remember the craze for those friendship bands and cards i had during my school days but unfortunately i hvnt replied to any messages this friendships day..just didnt feel so..i guess m too bugged with all of it lol

    newas..this post surely reminds me of those old memories...


  7. For me ..every day is a day of friendship and love...if my friends cherish me all year round..thats more than enough for me...dont need one particular day..:)
    And i believe greeting card companies have popularised the particular days for their commercial benefit.....

  8. @loon girl : :)

    @poo: :) :)

    @keshi: :) :) :)

    @aakash: hmm...not really i play the violin and am still is more a part of our traditions...and i found it more energiesing than other forms of music....but i like all types of music ;)

    @messy: 31 is young :) are only 5yrs elder to me ;)

    @ss: yup i know....but certain things have something more to it i guess.....and yes everyday is a good day :)

  9. wonderful poem Vishesh!!
    Loved it.. very... umm.. can't find teh word!! anywyz.. belated Friendship day wishes to all of you!!