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Monday, August 13, 2007

Lesson Learnt (Rathna)

This is some 4 years ago. It was my first job. I was just out of College, new to internet. I was all into making new online friends. But logging into messengers was prohibited. In spite of that I kept on logging into messengers and browsing online. Then I felt helpless, kind of addicted to internet.

Now I feel adequate, I have net at home …at office still I seldom come on net or login to messengers. I guess after a point of time we grow out of habits. But alas people don’t understand and give us a chance to grow out of habits. They try to impose things on us which makes us arrogant and more adamant. I have learnt not to impose things on people.


  1. wish all the big corporates realise the same..people will find new jobs and find ways to duck the firewall on the net irrespective of how security or restrictions have been put... a happy employee is a stable employee..

  2. Grow more and more..........

  3. Ohh man! With a short attention span like mine, i would have choked on the job!

  4. short,sweet and simple and true and....

  5. Rathna very well-said! Crisp n clear.

    **I have learnt not to impose things on people.

    Im teh same now...I let ppl take their own time n somehow they will come to realisation. Good one!


  6. I have learnt not to impose things on people.** i have still learn it ;)

  7. anything that someone else forces you to do will seem to be bad
    very short and true...