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Friday, June 1, 2007

N Finally... :o) (Rich)

Heyy! :o)
I'm Richa, for most bloggers - richunderconstruction, but react more instantly to the name Rich. (Tho you'll get an equally favorable acknowledgement to the word "rikshaw" as it sounds very similar ;o) )
I ve been on blogger since...Jan '06 and have been relatively active and definitely passive in spurts. I'm a fashion designer by degree and on a massive job HUNT. All the jobs around me seem to be unsuitable to my attributes or too good to apply to ;o) An avid reader, love music, sing for the high my voice gives me, addicted to coffee and chocolate and totally enthususiastic towards experimenting cocktails!

I am recognised easily by tags of confused, hardworking, moody and dependable. I can be extremely random and make perfect sense, yes, at the same time.

A total Libran by the standards of Linda Goodman, I define indecision. I stay balanced, that is to say, I live in extremes(of everything!) - talking, sleeping, eating and even work too hard, or exist in my world of lethargy... But I guess, thats the way my system functions! I'm generally determined, and stubborn when I don't agree. ;o)

I'm a harsh judge of myself, but can never see anyone else in black/white. I live in a world of coloured grey shades and can ALWAYS find a reason to justify peoples actions/reactions.
I think too much and breakdown easily. Too emotional or too withdrawn.
When I am myself, I am entirely myself. :o)

This image defines my strongest passion - Bombay :o)
Attraction or repulsion.
Poverty, slums, and smells.
Speed, lights and motion.
Silences in noise.
Noises in Silence.
Power of a place, defined by its people.
Into, an Existence or Life?


  1. welcome to BUF richa..enjoy the experience :)

  2. Welcome babeh!!

    Nice knowing you :D so are you as flirty as librans are known to be? :P

    and oh i miss mumbai!

    btw u look pretty :)

    and i hope u don't forget to remember me once u are rich ;)


  3. Me wonders.. when will the construction get over?? :P

    Welcome to BUF.

  4. Love ya intro.:) Welcome Abroad Rich..;)


  5. welcome aboard...

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    the BUF SHoutbox stalker has finally set foot..

    Well-come girl!!
    e- n- j- o- y

  7. hey welcome rich... i dont know what kind of a job ur looking for... do try sending ur resume to and say ur my (neha) friend.

    missed u in mumbai last week though!

  8. = ishii :o) thanks a lot!

    = loony ! nice getting to know ya too! n well as per my othr libran traits.. ahem... u ll uncover thm soon! ;o)
    n thanks for the compliment!!
    btw, gemini n librans get along well!

    = John... if and wen it ll get over! :op
    thanks :o)

    = Jitendra... thanks :o)

  9. = amyy! thank you girl! :o)

    = DJ thanks! :o)

    = Southpaw - thanks :o)

    = abhiiii! I will stalk this blog with more vehemence now ;o)

    = neha - thanks! im looking for a job in designing for a brand/retail preferably... shall fwd my resume here thanks a ton :o) umm.. cud i hav ur email id?


    just tell them ur preferences... u cud try them out

  11. hellooo Rich, welcome to BUF!! hope to know u more... see ya around!


  12. hello rich....interesting person u seem to be......welcome to BUF!!!!

  13. Hop on board Rich! Nice to see u here finally :)

    Im a coffee n chocolate addict too...basically cant live w.o. em.

    Nice pic of u there!


  14. Welcome Rich :))

    Looking forward to you know you more

  15. holla!!
    hey libran howz u???
    so... a puneri or a mumbaiite???
    u r surely a libran... lazy to teh core!! hehe....
    as for u r passion mumbai.... well... one thing abt it is love it or hate you just can't ignore it!! luv that city!!