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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Butterfly Kisses (Jewel Rays/Amy)

Childhood and me. What say... what say? I have moments when I turned gurlie and moments when I turned tomboyish. The wonderful moments of my childhood involves me being my granny’s pet. And how I look forward to sleep under her armpits most nights. (Not literally Mind ya!:P) She was putting up with us for a while and I was her "kuchi kuchi baby." I call her “Dadi ma.” I was the queen of her bed and none of my cousins has a right to come on it except me. I was a spoilt brat under her armpits and yeah her bedroom was my territory. I throw tantrums when my cousins try to conquer it. I was the queen! Hehehe..Its different now though.*sobs there are now new queens and princes. And I am too grown up now!! Yups!

Gurlie Moments

Moments I really love. My cousins and me used to be fans of the Ms Universe, Ms
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWorld or whatever beauty Queen shows. And when all of us were having our holidays and bumming in my granny’s place. We would ransack our unmarried aunites' cupboard. (of course its our little secret) Put on the cooliest stuff. And start choosing the countries we want to represent and start dramaing as if we were gonna win the crowns. My two older female cousins help us with dress up and plays host. The other two of us who are younger were the contestants. We even have music to spice up the drama. We also put on make up though not everytime.These are done undercovers. We are all innocent like angels when the owner of those things comes home after a long day out. :P I have loads to tell but I would fill the page or end up writing a small book if I go on and on now.

Tomboyish Moments

My tomboyish moments are moments I hold close to my heart. I treasure times spent with my older brother. We do crazy stuff. We fight and have fun. We used to pretend being police officers kicking doors holding toy guns as if on a mission to search
Image Hosted by for an invisible target hiding in the rooms and house. Play wrestling and video games. Oh yeah when we were much younger. We were feeding some stray cats the fishes that my mum fried for lunch. She came back finding all those fishes gone. And we were both looking at each other with innocent eyes acting like we did not know whats going on around us. But Granny found us out.:P haha! And I also had lotsa good moments with my guy cousins. Since I was the only female at my dad’s side at that and stuff. As some of u know, they always made me the goal keeper.:) Its different now though. Haha..These are my childhood memories that embraces my heart warmly many times.


  1. How sweet Amy. I can imagine u n ur cuz vying for the Miss.Universe title LOL! Definitely what my childhood was like too :)

    U sound so cheeky yet so innocent...feeding the cats n all hehehe.

    Beautiful post!

  2. hahaha... never tried this miss universe thing... sounds fun.. sadly.. never had sisters to play girlie ever! sigh!

  3. haha my cousins and i never really did the miss universe bits, but yes we did wish we were barbie LOL biggg barbie fans :P and bout sleeping next to ur grandma thing, i did the exact same thing except wit my mum :P

  4. Was watching this episode of Seinfeld yesterday, when Kramer sabotages Jerry's date who is A Rhode Island Contestant for Miss USA. So Kramer says, that he hasnt missed any contest since the time he was 6!

    But this all is non sequitur, a very sweet post Amy. :-)

  5. Keshi:hehe..Thanks Keshi. Guess what i am afraid of cats now. Ironic ain't it. I wonder how i managed to be their good friend when i was young. ;)

    Messy:yeah it sure was fun Messy..:D hehe..

    Michelle:***bout sleeping next to ur grandma thing, i did the exact same thing except wit my mum :P

    hehee..under the armpits too..:P

    Its really abeautiful thing when we love! I hope i don't sound too gross..:P


    lol..Seinfield i remember watching them though not a regular. Thanks for sharing Aakash. Loved the part when Kramer said he hasn't missed any contest since he was six. hehehe..

    Thanks for the compliments.:)

    Have a Good day guys


  6. Hi Amy,

    U remind me of my grandma...

    Nice lovely post!


  7. :) this was fun! reading through it got back so many memories of my granma...cousins *sigh*...!


  8. soooooooooooo sweet ;) miss world hu?

  9. beauty contestant! o! soo cute :o)
    im sure u ll wud hav looked like adorable lil dolls at that time !!

    that reminds me of the time as kids wen we wud dress up our barbie dolls n make up stories arnd them! that was fun ;o)

    lol @ feeding the fish to the cat! wat exactly did ur mum do after that? ;o)

    = rich

  10. I m simply waiting for the day when i hv my own child so that i can live my childhood which was a royal screw up in him...
    Hv a nice day pretty girl...:)

  11. Thumbelina,Ishita, Vishesh & White Forest: Glad to hear i brought good memories back.:) Thanks people!

    Rich: Yo!:D***that reminds me of the time as kids wen we wud dress up our barbie dolls n make up stories arnd them! that was fun ;o)

    hahaha. indeeds! I do that too. There was another thing that i was crazy abt when i was young. Card Box paper bolls with many paper, dresses, shoes etc. We do role plays as well and dress them up. Remembered was totally into it at one point of time. have u heard of them?

    Southpaw:***I m simply waiting for the day when i hv my own child

    :))That would be the most beautiful to happen to a couple like u guys. :D Wow i am sure he would be loved so much.;) All da best aites!


  12. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY beauty queen! :)

    awww bt Im not afraid of cats at all...I luv em and I adore dogs.


  13. Keshi

    Thanks Sweetie.

    I love dogs too!! big time.


  14. WOW .... thats so sweet Amy :)) Loved reading ur Post.

    Hey i can feel the love in you for your Granny :))

    Very nice take care dear.

  15. now this is so sweet!! teh games we palyed as!! fond remembrances!! :)

  16. Poo Hello Poo.

    Glad you enjoyed the post.;)

    Sam Hello Sam


    ~Jewel Rays

  17. ahem ahem, a wonderful and refreshing post to read!

    unfortunately, i could only get to watch the various beauty pageants on tv.


  18. LOLLLLL how cute is that !!!!!

    isn't it so nice to remember those old times ...

    loved reading ur post hun!


  19. @Wacko & Loongal

    Thanks for ya comments ..:D