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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

chapati roll (the italian way) (messy)

it is 10 pm right now and i have been very busy these past days planning another trip... i am leaving for matheran tomorrow (this time with friends)... and i thought i would write a post after i return... but according to ishi's mail there's a change of topic next week... and being a true blue housewife i HAD to write this post... so enjoy!!

my mom came up with this recipe when i was a kid (i tell u moms r really good when it comes to making use of healthy leftover stuff)... and i have made some (unhealthy but tasty) changes after all these years of trying to cook...


Leftover Chapatis 5 Nos
Tomatoes 2 Nos
Green Chillies 2 Nos
Onions 1 No. (Optional)
Mozarella Cheese

Time Required: 20 mins


Puree the tomatoes along with the green chillies. Also grind the onion separately.

Heat butter in a pan. Add the onion paste and saute till light brown. Add the tomato puree and heat on low flame for 7-8 mins, till the mixture thickens. Add oregano, paparika and salt. (adding salt only after the puree thickens will help you. this is because the quanity of the puree will decrease as you heat it for so long) Mix well.

Apply butter on the chapatis. Heat a tava on low flame. Heat one side of a chapati and then flip it over. Apply the tomato puree over the chapati. Shred some cheese over this and roll the chapati like a frankie.

Serve hot with ketchup.

Variation: To make this healthy you can add some herbs to the tomato puree. (try palak, celery etc.)

Important Note: I have learnt this from experience. Cook when you haven't had food for a while. This definitely makes your food tasty as your senses (of taste and smell) get numb when you have eaten.

Laterzzz all...


  1. Mamma mia.. it sure looks like a delicious recipe.

    Cook when you haven't had food for a while

    Couldn't agree more.. that's the basic thumb rule that's kept me going all these years. Best way to build an appetite.. Starve and then eat.

  2. The pic reminds me of a food dish called "popiah" though the fillings vary .:)

    ***Heat one side of a chapati and then flip it over. Apply the tomato puree over the chapati. Shred some cheese over this and roll the chapati like a frankie.

    Its this part of ya recipe that draws me much. I love cheese. it sounds good. And its interesting how they use leftover Chapatis. I might pass on this recipe to my family. I am sure they would love it.

    Thanks Messy. Have a good trip


  3. This sure sounds really yummy! I like tomatoes n mozaralla cheese anyways so this wud be a hit with me. Thanks for sharing this with us m000nie!


  4. in short, it is roti sabji :D
    and btw.. roti kaise banaate hain? :D

  5. oooooh its the first time am seeing such an innovative recipe
    well i knw about the INDIAN style rolls but am gonna definately try cuz it sounds cool

  6. wow..bhook lag gayi! i luv dis recipe coz it's simple and jhatpat ban jayega.

    Rajiv just had a luk at the blog from work and he's like "can u make this tonite"? he he!

    Thanks for sharing this neha!

    And oh yes...have a wunderful trip!

  7. Thats a nice one mom make paratas from the left over sabzi but never something like this ...i am surely going to try this one :))

    Have a nice trip, have loads of fun :))

  8. nice... would like to try some time... alas only if i can overcome my laziness to cook... :(

  9. Mumma used to make this when we were in the school...:)

  10. desi frankie :D mujhe kab khilaogey?

  11. ditto @mala

    hum dhera daalne kab aaye :D


    *mouth watering*

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  13. woww!! chapati... i love it!! ^_~ and that in italian way huh?, sounds yummy sweetie! will surely try it... usually we eat pasta on weekend and that hubby do the cookin'... hehe (lucky me na?) ^_~ but this time i'll try my best to do it! wish me luck ...:)

    thanx for sharin'!