This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, June 25, 2007

BUF Delhi Meet 24/06/07 :-) (Ishita)

On Sunday 24th June 2007, we had our first Delhi BUF Meet…not exactly the most planned meet coz it was fixed up on rather short notice and not everyone could make it…! But there were 6 of us - Rajiv, Suchi, Uttara, Sushmita (Shooting Star), Vyom (Aakash) and Ishi (me me me!) and of course the super brat Vedant who to our surprise was quite well behaved and had a fun time with us!

For a first time meeting, I must say we got along very well indeed and I guess all the virtual chit chat and BUF posts/comments had us not only kinda familiar with each other but eager to know each other better!

We met up at the food court Eatopia @ India Habitat Center. For those unfamiliar with Delhi, this is where the movie “Rang De Basanti” was shot….what you thought was the DU campus is actually IHC!

We all reached almost arnd the same time…late by ½ an hour :P!! But once we settled down at our table, conversation flowed easily…the nice thing about a food court is that everyone finds something suitable to munch on.

Sushmita (Shooting Star) was a surprise coz of course she with her pink tee and long flowing skirt was a far cry from the “biker dudette” image I had been carrying. Friendly and definitely interesting (*ahem* guys!) she was a delight to know better :)! Oh yes she was a careful eater….nothing high on calories and at one point she was off to try a yummy desert but settled for Iced Tea instead. Now I have to learn how to exercise self control with my eating habits….from her *grin*

Vyom (Aakash)….Now I knew him like right away coz I’d been through all his pic on his Orkut profile :P He looked relaxed and very nice indeed in his Kurta…with him, conversation flowed easily and he has a really cute smile :)! And yes a total foodie! He suggested I try the stuffed potatoes and I wasn’t disappointed! I learnt he’d been blogging a long time indeed…started out in 2004 and to think I only just got to know him @ Blogsville…!

I won’t write about Uttsy, Suchi and Rajiv….lol…coz well, I’ve known them personally for a long time. And we have our lil BUF meet almost every night over dinner :P

Now let me share the really fun part of our time together … first we got a call from Rajbir (The outlaw) and he had chat with all of us turn by turn….it was really nice talking to him and I’m sure he had a great time catching up with us too…coz soon after came his sms which went as follows,

“It was a pleasure talking to all of u and adding to my list of voices that affect, sush makes it to my list of best voices along with Mala, kay, Sophia and sangita.:)and Vyom joins u with u, Rajiv and Suchi :) and for the rest my opinion stays the same. :)”

Then we smsd John … he he .. A rather frantic sms coz it had him worried for a bit :P but once he called we had fun…played a lil game…passed the fone around and he had to guess who was who :P ! Yep he got it alll right !!! Must say it was quite exciting ! And of course J will have to give us his own feedback to that call … my guess is he had a blast!

I’m sure the pics tell the story itself. Enjoy! And hoping u guys drop by to Delhi soon so we can all have another fun filled meet …. We delhiites insist u do!! :P


  1. Wow.. I must say I was veeerrry envious of all you guys.

    And the call, it indeed took me by surprise, given the fact that I just woke up and was having my first cup of coffee.

    Yes, the lil game of recognizing the voices was good indeed and now that I scored a 6 out of 6, i'm waiting for my prize :D

    Cheers to you guys, hopefully i'll be around the next time.

  2. U guys look soooooo good! ALL OF U. WOW!

    Ish Im so jealous now...when do I get to meet u all? :(

    Pics r so lovely. Everyone of u look happy and having so much fun. Vedant is getting too lucky with cakes n ice-creams there days he's so cute!

    Uttsy look bubbalicious as usual woowhoo! ;-) Sush look HOT. wow ur lookin great girl! Ish looks SEXAAAAAAAAY! Suchi looks soooo sweeeeet! Rajiv and other friends look great.

    Next time Im coming :) Johno u n me will be there next time ok!

    ty for this post Ish!


  3. nice pics..i hardly recognize myself!!!!! thanks keshi for ur comments!!!

  4. It was a real fun meet!

    And Keshi, you forgot me!!! *sob sob*

  5. omggg im soo depressedd :( lol i wanna meet u guys soo bad!! aaah pls come to pune pppl :(

    woww honestly wut can i say? ishita looks gorgeous as usual and uttu looks cute as usual with her awesome smile!! and i can see that shooting star and i have a lot in common with the careful eating hehe but hell id binge one day for u guys :P and vyom hehe he looks really cute...:P

    awesome pics guys!!!

  6. alrite me now totally green. sat mumbai, sun delhi.. lyk woteva... glad u guys had such a great time... did i tellya tentatively i'd be in delhi 18/19 of Aug!! may be we can catch up den!!
    and u guys luk so cool!!

  7. Wow..great stuff..A step up for Buf mates eh..:D

    Great pics and sush u look great!


  8. God dammit!!!I always feel so left out after seeing such pics...:(

  9. looks like ekdam total waala enjoyment hua hai..
    good hai! keep it up hai.

  10. awesome...
    now i feel lonely to be in a crappy corner of the world :(


  11. hey ishi..
    awesome pics!!! wow i feel so j...
    wonder when i can make it to a BUF meet..

  12. :((((( i wish even i was there

  13. ohhhhh lovely... we too had a fab time even if we were only 3 of us!... will post the pics in a few days...

    utsy come bak we r missing u!

    oh i miss z00nie too... do u remember how our whole gang had pizzas whenever we met? :p

  14. yeah neha..bby meet was great fun...all the cafe hopping and the unending laughters :D
    and then getting caught in the rain, waiting for an auto...wading through tire-deep water...phew!

  15. "apni tho paatshala masti ki paatshala.. loose controllllll...."

    am soorrrryyyy for a late comment.. but u should excuse me :D haina??

    the delhi meet was awesome.. we had all the fun/food/masti and laughters/ icecreams ( ssee i had 3 :D ) only dance was missing :d.. awwww

    but we will go one day..:p

    thank u all for making it a rocking meet and i am the most lucky person to have met most of the blogger :D *GrINNS* lolz

    alrighto.. now lemme land to mumbai to have one more there..lols... neha i knw umissed me.. but am sure u had loads of fun.. i too missed it.. we will meet once am there.. mujhe chorkar kaha jaogi bachiii :d


    have fun guys!!

  16. llooks like you guys had lot of fun!!

    nice pics!

  17. lol we're all so jealous of u all :P

    and u guys look so pretty n fresh ha .. how dya manage to look so full of energy all the time?

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